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Server Schedule

August Server Schedule

Substitute List for Servers


Weekday Servers

Date Servers
August 3 I. Helton, V. Kiep
August 4 M. Niehaus
Benediction:: I. Helton, S. Yerkes
August 7 K. Falk, O. Falk, A. Falk
August 10 C. Cook, B. Cook
August 11 I. Helton, M. Niehaus
August 14 8:00am: I. Helton, A. Danner
7:00pm Vigil of Holy Day: C. Conner, L. Conner
August 15 8:00am: Need Volunteers
August 17 M. Kramer, Z. Kramer
August 18 M. Niehaus
August 21 Need Volunteers
August 24 C. Cook, B. Cook
August 25 M. Niehaus
August 28 A. Ramsey, K. Lamberti
August 31 M. Kramer, B. Kaake, K. Lamberti, R. Lagedrost

Weekend Masses Servers


Date Servers
August 5 C. Spencer, M> Collins, J. Spencer, S. Collins
August 12 C. Wilmer, J. Wilmer, R. Lagedrost, L. Lagdrost
August 19 J. Graf, M> Peter, A. Graf, E. Ballinger
August 26 C. Conner, L. Conner, O. Falk, A. Falk


Date Servers
August 6 M. Kramer, Z. Kramer, V. Kiep, T. Holley
August 13 I. Helton, A. Danner, C. Enginger
August 20

M. Kramer, S Mignery, C. Mignery, Z. Kramer

August 27 S. Mignery, A. Danner, C. Mignery, T. Holley


Date Servers
August 6 J. Claire, N. Warner, A. Claire, K. Snyder
August 13 L. McKenna, A. Ramsey, S. Yerkes
August 20 M> Kramer, S. Mignery, C. Mignery, Z. Kramer
August 27 C. Cook, S. Yerkes, K> Lamberti, B. Cook

Parish Contact Info

Rectory Office: (513)863-4344

Fax: (513)863-4364


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
(closed 12 - 12:30)

Summer Hours: 9:00 am - Noon

Parish Office E-mail: parishoffice@qpchurch.org


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