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Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Hamilton, Ohio
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Fr. Jim's Page

Meet Fr. Jim

I was born and raised in St. Teresa of Avila parish, Price Hill, Cincinnati in 1960. My parents are Leonard and Vivian (Yeazell) Wedig. I have three brothers and two sisters, Leonard 1950; Jerome 1951; Janine 1952; Denise 1958; Donald 1964. Everyone still lives in the Cincinnati area. I have 15 assorted nieces and nephews. My father is deceased 12 years. My mother still lives in the house where I grew up. It is actually the house where she grew up.

I attended St. Teresa grade school and Western Hills High School. I did not go to Elder. I received my BBA. in Finance from the University of Cincinnati. I have an MBA in Quantitative Analysis, also from UC, and an MS in Finance from Northwestern University. I went to seminary at Mount St. Marys on Beechmont Avenue and was ordained in 1993. My internship was at St. Patrick in Troy Ohio. That was my first experience of living in a smaller city. It was during my internship that I really decided that I would become a priest.

My first assignment as a priest was Ascension, Kettering. From there I moved to St. Michael, Sharonville and then became pastor at St. Columbkille, Wilmington. I have very much loved being in Clinton County. My experience here is a primary reason for wanting to come to St. Al's and Queen of Peace. I much prefer being outside the city. Still, it will be nice being closer to Cincinnati and my family.

I am a philosopher by nature. In fact I seriously considered majoring in philosophy when I started college. Being a practical man, however, I chose to study something that had better career prospects. The irony is that when I began to consider the priesthood one of the first things I was asked was about my philosophy credits. I went back to UC to pick up philosophy courses before entering seminary.

I love baseball, football and hockey, in that order. My teams are the Cincinnati Reds, Green Bay Packers and Columbus Blue Jackets. I have a large and ever growing collection of comic books. This began with Batman, who is still my favorite, and just mushroomed out of all control. I also have collections of Blondie (rock group), Alice in Wonderland, and a few other smaller collections.

I enjoy visiting places I have not been, especially historical places. I have been all over the United States, all fifty states. I have a great interest in history. This will come out, for better or for worse, in some of my homilies. I read a great deal. I enjoy games. I play Bridge and Spades. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. I have had great experience with the Knights. I also support scouting. I am an Eagle Scout and treasure very much my years in scouting.

I think I'll close this with a favorite scripture: Mark 12:41-44. This is the passage about the widow who contributes two small coins to the temple treasury. I look forward to getting to know you, working with you and praying with you.

Yours in Christ,
Reverend James Wedig