Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Hamilton, Ohio
Bible and Rosary

Parish Committees

Building & Grounds Committee

The Committee consists of six or more members appointed by the Parish Council. The members are at-large members selected from a list of nominees submitted by the parishioners. Qualifications for membership include, but are not limited to the following: members of Queen of Peace Parish; people experienced in the building or maintenance trades; people who have demonstrated a willingness to work together as a team with the parish administrators responsible for the parish buildings and grounds. The Building & Grounds Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm in Urbain Hall.

 Committee Members

Current members include:

Name Phone Email
John Boehm - Chairman (513)738-2464 johniboehm@gmail.com
John Baumgartner (513)868-3004 baumgartnerfarm@fuse.net
Nathan Krause (513)200-2936 nathankrause@rocketmail.com
Mark Korb (513)756-9607
Roger Kiep 894-7825
Dave Hall 403-5920


Ex-Officio Members:

Name Phone
Fr. Jim Wedig (513)863-4344)
Mark Leuthold - Business Manager (513)863-4344 Ext. 34
Ray Arlinghaus (513)863-4831
Aaron Shaw 509-8836

Education Commission

The Education Commission is an advisory board that helps to establish policies for all educational programs of the parish. The Commission needs to have members who are concerned about the educational needs of the whole parish. They must be willing to focus on policy as a way to set a direction for the parish's educational endeavors, and not attempt to do the administration. They must be willing to be open to the views of everyone else on the Commission and be willing to assert their own viewpoint. The Commission needs to have members that reflect a wide range of concerns and interests in our parish, including PREP, Adult Education, Youth Ministry and our Parish School. The Commission member must be willing to serve a three-year term, including being present and participating in the commission's meetings and doing any preparation that is necessary. The Education Commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00PM in the School Staff Workroom. Salaried employees of the parish educational system are not eligible for membership.

You may contact all of Education Commission by email by clicking on educationcommission@qphamilton.org

The following are current Commission members:

Office Name Telephone Number Email Address
Chairman Jim Marshall (513)896-8257 socrefjm@hotmail.com
Vice Chairman Missy Cook (513)546-3265 madjrc@hotmail.com
Secretary Teri Young (513737-3994 tlyoung1993@gmail.com
Member Lori Abner (513)895-7265 abner22@roadrunner.com
Member Sarah Dillhoff (513)756-9664 sdillhoff@gmail.com
Member Bill Miller (513)519-4247 proficiency41@gmail.com
Member Christina Claire (513)756-0201 christiaclucks@gmail.com
Member Missy Graf (513)310-6652 missygraf@fuse.net
Member Sue Niehaus Unlisted sjniehus@fuse.net

Ex-Officio Members:

Name Telephone Number Email Address
Fr. Jim Wedig (513)863-4344) wedigjm@yahoo.com
Deacon Mike Mignery (513)867-1832 mikemignery@yahoo.com
Ms. Tina Conners- Principal (513)863-8705 ext. 14 tconners@qphamilton.org
Cheryl Hunt - Parish Catechetical Leader (513)863-8705 chunt@qphamilton.org

Meeting Minutes

Finance Commission

The Finance Commission works with the pastor and Parish Council to perform the following:

  • Prepare a budget for the Parish on an annual basis, and present it to Parish Council and the pastor for approval and implementation
  • Advise the pastor and Parish council about the financial implications of their decisions and policies


The following are current members:

Name Telephone Number Email Address
Bob Young (513)863-3556 ryoung21@cinci.rr.com
Jodi Houston (513)860-5634 winkelm@hotmail.com
Ben MIgnery 892-8833  
Ken Gill (513)868-3183 skgill40@yahoo.com
Jodi Houston 860-5634
Father James Wedig Queen of Peace
St. Aloysius

Ex Officio Member:

Name Telephone Number Email Address
Mark Leuthold, Business Manager (513)863-4344 ext. 34 qpacct@qpchurch.org

Parish Pastoral Council

The Queen of Peace Parish Pastoral Council shares the responsibility for overall parish organization. The Council is not the decision-maker for the parish. That responsibility belongs to the pastor. The Council is a representative body in the decision making process in matters of policy or major administrative initiatives affecting the parish community. It is the responsibility of the Council to represent to the pastor evaluations of the services and policies, which affect the parish community, and to make recommendations for the improvement of the quality of parish life and the effectiveness of the parish services and policies. Members must regularly attend Council meetings, (held the third Thursday of the even numbered months at 6:00PM in Urbain Hall) and perform the work of the Council.

Members must be willing to serve as Council officers, and/or serve on committees. Members must be willing to respect the confidentiality of matters discussed. Each member serves a term of three years.

You can contact all of Parish Council by email byClicking here parishcouncil@qphamilton.org

The following are current Council Members:

Name Telephone Number Email Address
Ray Arlinghaus (513)863-4831 rdarlinghaus@aol.com
Bill Sander (513)737-1479 wherbsander@gamil.com
Cassie Fleckenstein (513)895-3571 cassiefleckenstein@gmail.com
Tony Peter (513)892-1696 tpeter41068@gmail.com
Roger Koch (513)756-1998  
Courtney Combs (513)894-5258 combsgroup@fuse.net
Ralph Warner (513)867-1850 ralphwarner4@hotmail.com
Mike Graf (513)260-1175 michaelgraf@fuse.net
Mark Mignery (513)892-3059  
Dan Niehaus Unlisted danniehaus@fuse.net


Ex-Officio Members:

Name Telephone Number
Fr. Jim Wedig (513)863-4344
Mike Mignery - Deacon (513)867-1832
Jeff Ehrnschwender, Deacon (513)887-6449
Ms. Tina Conners- Principal (513)863-8705 ext. 14
Cheryl Hunt - Catechetical Leaqder (513)869-9990


Meeting Minutes

Queen of Peace Athletic Club (QPAC)

The Queen of Peace Athletic Club (QPAC) was formed in 1997, to serve the children in our parish who want to participate in CYO activities - football, basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. The organization raises funds to provide equipment, uniforms and pays facilities rental fees for parish teams. Membership is open to all parish families. Meetings are held on thelast Sunday of every month at 7:00pm in Cafeteria.

For information, contact one of the following:

Name Title Telephone Number Email Address
Kristi Nadler President/Volleyball Coordinator (513)892-1196 kristinadler@fuse.net
Ben Vocke Vice President (513)756-0320



Teri Moore Treasure (5113)307-0162 Four_Moore@gmail.com
Mike Kramer Secretary (513)702-9595 eakramerrn@gmail.com
David Berg Basketball (513)523-8787 bergdj@muohio.edu
Joe Auciello Member-at-Large (513)737-8983 joe_au_ciello@hotmail.com
Chris Enginger Member-at-Large (513)894-3693 chrise1@fuse.net
Terry Kiep Member-at-Large (513)863-0874 tedkiep@fuse.net
Tony Kiep Member-at-Large (513)863-9060 tedkiep@fuse.net

Worship Commission

The Worship Commission serves as an advisory board to the Pastor, Parish Council and Education Commission in planning, implementing and evaluating liturgical services, programs and formation for Queen of Peace Parish. Ongoing formation and continual study of the Liturgical documents is a primary objective for the Worship Commission.

Worship Commission Members:

Name Telephone Number Email Adresses
Deacon Mike Mignery (513)867-1832 mikemignery@yahoo.com
Deacon Jeff Ehrnschwender (513)887-6449 jeffehrnschwender@gmail.com
Connie Ehrnschwender (513)887-6449
Mary Lou Geyer (513)868-9771
Jan Sunderhaus (513)738-4967
Becky Sunderhaus (513)738-1205
Shelly Glasshagel (513)523-2170