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Our Mission: We are a people of faith who recognize the need to gather for prayer and the celebration of the sacraments; to support a strong religious education program and our parish school; to evangelize the weak in faith; to embrace the poor and needy; and to be patient and accept the differences which exist among us.

Bible Study

Bible Study

Tentative Bible Study down the road includes:
2/16-18- "Finding the Fullness of Faith" by Steve Ray (EWTN) which is about his journey into the Catholic faith thru the study of the Bible and the Church Fathers.

2/23-25- "My Personal Story" by Deborah Lipsky is a story of conversion from Satanism and the occult into Catholicism.

3/1-3 - "Atheism: Not just Monkey Business" by Jesse Romero of (EWTN) discusses the new atheism that is so belligerent towards Christianity and how can we answer in Christian love.

3/8 no Bible Study due to parish mission on Tuesday only.
3/10- "Convinced" by Donald Johnson is about the question, "Why would successful intelligent people give up their careers, alienate their friends, and cause havoc in their families....to become Catholic? As he was considering his own move into the Church, Donald Johnson traveled around the country to get the story for himself by interviewing many that have converted.

3/15-17- "The Apostolic Fathers " by Steve Ray discusses those men who put the Church/Bible together in the first four hundred years of Church history, and defending it from the many early heresies afflicting the early Church.

Holy Week- No Bible Study

On this weds evening, RCIA continues its discussion on the sacraments with the topic of Reconciliation and the temptation to sin. All are welcome!
Fish Fry Dates
Queen of Peace Church dates are: Drive thru fish fry dates are February 19th, 26th, and March 18th 4:00pm to 7:00pm. St. Aloysius’s February 19, 26 & March 4 & 11 Badin High School February 19th 4:30pm to 8:00pm

Save the Date!! March 5th

Carnival Italia

Save the Date for the Queen of Peace Festival: June 4th, 5th, and 6th

Rev. Jim Wedig: wedigjm@yahoo.com

Mike Mignery: MikeMignery@yahoo.com
Jeff Ehrnschwender: jeffehrnschwender@gmail.com

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