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Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Hamilton, Ohio
PREP Teachers & Students

Meet Our Teachers

PREP Coordinator

Cheryl Hunt is our Catechetical Leader and PREP coordinator for the Parish. During the week she is the assistant principal & kindergarten teacher here at Queen of Peace. She is married and has two children (both boys). One is an accountant in Cincinnati (though he still roots for The Ohio State), and the other is in the Army working in the medical profession.


Amy Dsuban continues to teach and entertain our Kindergarten students. She had been married for over 20 years and she has two great children. Her daughter Rachel is in our 7 th grade class and often helps her mom set up and clean up the classroom. Amy has been teaching for 9 years. She is a QP graduate herself. You will see her in Church as a Eucharistic Minister and a Lector. She loves the outdoors and often takes her class on nature walks, even in the winter so make sure your child wears their coats.

First Grade

Molli Barger continues to teach and educate our first grade students. She is a graduate of Queen of Peace and Badin and is currently at Miami University studying Elementary Education. I actually taught Molli when she was in kindergarten. She works at the Campus Kids daycare/preschool center on the Miami Hamilton’s campus and she works at Flubs! She is very excited to work with her class this year. She is excited to teach her students the prayers that we say every day. She told me that she’s "ready for a great year!"

Second Grade

Sarah Dillhoff has taught PREP for five years. She taught first grade for two years then graduated to second grade, where she is in her third year. Sarah is married and has 5 children. She has been a member of this parish for 30 years. She graduated from QP School and is a current member of our parish education commission. She loves teaching second grade as it is such an exciting year for your child. It is a year when your child will receive two major sacraments: Eucharist (1st Communion) and Reconciliation!

Sarah is joined in the room this year with her helper, Miss Kaitlyn Robinson. Kaitlyn is a sophomore at Badin High School and she helped out last year. There will be lots of love and good times in the 2nd grade room.

Third Grade

We are so pleased to welcome Mrs. Connie Ehrnschwender to our staff as the 3rd grade teacher this year.  Mrs. E, as she is known and loved by all, is a staple in our Queen of Peace family. She has taught music, religion and liturgical music in our school for many years, not to mention her role as liturgical musician for our 3:30 Mass. Connie now feels called to bless our PREP program with her many talents, musical and otherwise.

This year third grade will be learning about our church.  Mrs. E and her helper Casey Condo bring so much energy to our program and they are very excited to be working with your son/daughter.

Fourth Grade

Cassie Fleckenstein will be teaching the 4th grade PREP class this year.  This is her fourth year teaching PREP at Queen of Peace.  She is married with two children in our PREP program. Cassie graduated from Queen of Peace School. She is a Eucharistic Minister and the Secretary on our Queen of Peace Parish Council Committee.

This year fourth grade will be learning about the 10 Commandments.  Cassie can’t wait to begin the year and partner with your child.

Fifth Grade

Teri Young is returning for her third year teaching the 5th grade curriculum.  Her goal for the year is to help her students get to know Jesus and develop a relationship with him. "Knowledge of the Catholic faith is important, but personal prayer and a relationship with Jesus is what will keep them as active, practicing Catholics in the future."

In addition to PREP, she is also an extraordinary minister, and Secretary of the parish education commission. She works as a 3rd shift pharmacist for Fort Hamilton. She will be celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary in October.  Her son, Nicholas, graduated from QP and is a freshman at Badin.  

"My involvement with the PREP program has been extremely rewarding.  We have a fantastic staff and a wonderful group of families," she says.

"I am really looking forward to working with everyone again this year!"

Sixth Grade

Jordan Day is the 6th grade teacher. Along with his wife Katie, the sixth grade will be taking a journey through the Old Testament and learning about the different style of books therein. It could be a tedious journey, but Jordan and his wife have lots of fun activities planned (think, acting out plays and Jeopardy games).

Jordan and Katie have been married for four and a half years, and welcomed beautiful baby Hannah to their family last February.

Seventh & Eighth Grade

Welcome 7/8 Graders! Andy Dillhoff will be your teacher. This is his second year of teaching. He has been involved with Queen of Peace Parish for many years and was a member of Parish Council and very involved with the youth ministry.  He has five young children. He jokes that, "This is a great way to get babysitters. :)"

Andy is energetic and fun and will bring energy and enthusiasm into the classroom as they learn all about our faith and having a true relationship with Jesus Christ! His classroom activities are student led and center on the kids and the weekly gospel.

Beth Fryer will be assisting and helping Andy in the classroom. By his own admission Andy is technology challenged and Beth will be his right- hand "man" in all things technology based. Beth has two children in the PREP program and is a teacher at Talawanda.